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Classes - P2P

Welcome to our P2P class!

Teacher: Miss E Plummer 

The children in Primary 2 have been learning the Gruffalo as part of their Literacy and Talk for Writing. They learned the story and retold it with amazing expression. The also worked on using adjectives to describe the Gruffalo and made a Gruffalo Crumble as part of play based learning!


World Book Day


Exploring Our Senses Outdoors


Pancake Day

On Wednesday, P2 made pancakes in the Sunshine Room with the lovely Jill. They learned about food safety, how to measure ingredients and how to cook pancakes. They really enjoyed decorating and eating their pancakes once they were ready! 🥞


World Around Us 

This week Primary 2 have been exploring their senses. They investigated their sense of taste by tasting different foods and identifying if they were sour, bitter, sweet or salty.


The boys and girls in P2 have ben busy creating their own Supertatos and the results are just fantastic! 

Evil Pea has been on the loose in our classroom this week and he has been up to no good! He trapped all our carrots in ice and the boys and girls had to find different ways to melt the ice and free the carrots! 

The children really enjoyed learning about how water can change from a solid to a liquid.

The boys and girls in P2 have been exploring length and height this week. They even had a go at measuring some classroom objects using rulers for the first time!



P2P have been so excited to learn all about Supertato this week. They have been working hard to learn the story and have collaborated to make a class story map. They then designed their own veggie superheroes and created the most amazing story maps independently. Well done P2!!

Chinese New Year Play Based Learning

Snow Fun⛄️❄️


Outdoor Play in P2P!


P2 love using Numicon big and small to deepen their learning. We have been using Numicon to add and subtract from 10 and 20 and we are becoming quite the experts!