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School Activities

Extended Schools

Ballysally P.S is a hub of activity and learning each day, with varied learning experiences taking place before and after school too. Here are just some of the activities taking place this year at Ballysally P.S for pupils, parents and community members to enjoy together:

  • 'Busy Bees' Homework Club (P3-P7)

  • 'Learning Ladybirds' Club (P2)

  • Gymnastics (with an accredited Gymnastics coach)

  • Tennis

  • Literacy and Numeracy Booster Clubs

  • Storysack library 

  • Early Risers Club (8.00am)

  • Creative Capers Parent and Child events

  • Street Dance

  • Two O'Clock Tots Club

  • Football coaching

  • Lads and Dads / Mums and Girlies evening events

  • Creative Kids Club

  • E-Safety workshops

  • Parent curriculum workshops.      

  • Cardio Tennis (Parent and Community)

Parent comments about our school

“I feel that the school has such a strong link with the parents. It was nice to know that the school is there for a parent and not just the kids.”


“I would just like to say that Ballysally P.S is a role model for other schools and it helps to bring everybody together as a community.”

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