Classes - P7D

Welcome to our P7D class!

Teacher: Mr J Doey


In P7D this year we are doing a 5km per week challenge. Great fun and great for the children’s well-being and fitness. A very popular activity within our class.


We take our learning outdoors. Here we have our class using outdoors to learn more about measures, fractions, decimals and percentages. P7 love learning outdoors and their wee faces tell us so much. ‘Outdoor learning is great craic’ said one pupil. 

Great outdoor learning happening in P6D this year. Here we have P6D creating their very own Anderson shelters and making own soda bread with the help of some milk, flour and campfires.

Throughout this activity we learned about rationing in the World War and tried to empathise with the children and families who lived in the War. We also learned about how heat travels and how it is safe to hold a plastic handle even though the stainless steel pan was hot. How could this be?