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Who's Who

Principal                                   Mr G Dunn MBE

Vice Principal                           Mrs S Doey

Teaching Staff

Mrs C Anderson                                    P1

Mrs S Doey                                           P1/2

Mrs V Mahood                                       P2

Miss V Platt                                         P3

Miss E McGeagh                                    P3/4

Mrs L Diamond                                      P4

Mrs H Gilmore                                       P5

Miss J Dysart/Miss S Boukottya            P5/6

Mrs D McKeown                                     P6

Mr J Doey                                              P7

Mrs J Lafferty                                       P7

Mrs L Anderson                                     LSC 1

Miss G Smith                                         LSC 2

Mrs L Lewis                                            SENCO

Mrs A Houston                                       Nurture Teacher

Office Staff

Mrs J McGuinness and Mrs S Brennan-Hough

Building Supervisor and Cleaners

Mr M Robinson                                                 

Mrs E McNaugher                                            

Mrs M Coulter                                                  

Mrs Z Campbell          

Classroom Assistants

Miss D Neill                              

Mrs S Hunter    

Mrs J Baxter                 

Miss G Campbell

Mrs T Kane                               

Mrs L Watt                                

Mrs J McCafferty                      

Mrs C McKendry                       

Mrs J Mathers                          

Mrs M Dinsmore                      

Mrs S White                              

Mrs V Moore    

Mrs J Smith

Supervisory Assistants

Mrs L Watt         (Senior Supervisory Asst)

Mrs C McKendry

Mrs S McMullan

Miss D Neill    

Board of Governors

Chairman:   Rev Dr J Coulter                                         NEELB Representative:   Mrs C Bleakley

Vice-Chairperson:  Mrs C Bleakley                                NEELB Representative:   Mr D Barbour

Transferor Representative:   Mrs A McAlary                 Parent Representative:  Mrs R Stirling

Transferor Representative:  Mrs C McLaughlin             Parent Representative: Mrs E Wilson

Teacher Representative:   Mrs J Lafferty

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